Ideas for Twine

My first idea is to write a story from the perspective of an inanimate object that has come to posses a human consciousness, possibly through a freak accident. Say a coffee machine, and along with gaining sentience, it slowly gets the ability to manipulate it’s physical form. The story would most likely be an escape adventure.

My second idea is a humor/social experiment/writing focused game. It’s called “Hold it In”, and it is about trying not to fart in an elevator. However, you have to weigh many complicated options about how and when to release the fart. To further complicate what should be a fairly simple action, the two secondary characters are Marty, who you hate and who is a dick to everyone, and Jane, the accountant you’re secretly in love with (along with other lesser characters in the elevator). Both of these relationships come into play in determining how you accomplish your task without ruining your chances with Jane.