Jump, Jump, Jump Around!

1. I think there’s a cool tension between our ability to perceive in line and our ability to step back and abstract. Think straight line and Gestalt. Pulling from my great vast 9-unit graphic design experience, I know that humans are best at understanding things in a horizontal and perpendicular fashion, bar graphs not pie charts, grid based webpage layout. I think this reflects how we experience reality. Linear time, linear life. We accumulate knowledge, skills. Relationships oscillate. Things change in one direction or another.This makes sense.


But I also think we’re an irrevent bunch and we find our limitations frustrating. We want to see a tesseract.


4. I love it when mediums get sucked into the art form. Honestly, that’s not something I never even thought about before in terms of CYOA books until Swinehart mentioned ancient scrolls. Like, yeah, wow, I like the self-awareness of books and I like the way the traditional medium begat this new form of storytelling and now that we’re leaving paper-bound books behind the form is following us online. Holding your finger your last branching page is the back button. Numeral destinations, hyperlinks.


3. An interesting feature by some CYOA authors is the illusion of choice. Sometimes they take you down paths that take you back to where you started. A sad commentary on our own futility? Their own futility? They’re only god between the front and back cover…


2. I like Nelson’s notion of HCI that addresses how people in general interact with computers but also the direction that developers develop computers.


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