5 thoughts on “the cloud cycle”

  1. I love the idea of different perspectives of the same events, and the general feel of whimsical fantasy of this game. I also like that it is all circular and lighthearted. I really enjoy this game, even in its simplicity.

  2. can i be a cloud voyeur? maybe i can peep into other people’s windows, see what they are doing … with rain and thunder to punish those under, and be a romantic cloud

  3. This game makes me feel relaxed and reflective, and I love that I can change perspectives and adapt a completely different way of thinking. Some of the choices are a bit long though, which makes them feel more confined and definite. But overall, a very enjoyable game with great imagery.

  4. I enjoyed the writing in this one. It made me want to slow down, and the experience of playing this game was almost like meditating. That feeling is compounded by the fact that you could theoretically play for a long time, moving from place to place or person to person and back again endlessly.

  5. The fact that the story was circular worked really well I think! The text was abstract enough that I liked that it didn’t have a very traditional structure, and it wasn’t as “gameable” as stories with a simpler structure (like a tree) where you can just see all the content by doing a depth-first search or whatever. By making it harder to just find all the content, you sort of have to enjoy it on a more relaxed level which is kind of awesome.

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