game ideas

Idea 1:

The game is played with a the character/sprite starting from a ground and jumping up and to the right onto multiple trampoline-esque platforms, as if on a never-ending staircase towards the sky. It scrolls and side-scrolls, so if the player accidentally jumps towards the left and off the screen or falls between two platforms, the game ends. The goal is to cover the greatest height and distance. The game starts off easily, but as it progresses there are obstacles appearing on some of the platforms that the character must jump over or shoot down. Played with up, down, left, right, and spacebar. Like a cross between Doodle Jump and Mario…? kinda

Idea 2:

The player must navigate through a maze and avoid enemies that are blocking the path. The game starts with a view of the character and a zoomed-in portion of the maze, and the player has to navigate through it without colliding with any enemies or the walls of the maze itself. There are objects that must be collected before reaching the end of the maze and optionally collected objects to increase points. Other objects can be collected that will make the player either increase or decrease in size, therefore helping or hindering the player’s goal. The game ends either when the player dies (collides with an obstacle) or reaches the end of the maze, and points are determined by how much time it took to finish and the extra-point objects. Played with normal up, down, left, and right controls or mouse navigation.

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