3 thoughts on “rge 3005”

  1. A fridge can be very messy, but it can organize it’s contents in a very neat way! yet, maybe the choices can be more “organizy”, so that i can see all the fridge’s options like a schizophrenic, a clean-freak of some kind? as there are mostly binary choices, it feels as if the fridge already knows what to do … maybe it does

  2. Interesting idea, and quite well written. I always think it’s impressive when someone can take an idea that sounds boring on paper and turn it into something unique and fun. Personifying a fridge isn’t easy, but you accomplished it handily. No complaints.

  3. I enjoy the fact that instead of a paragraph of storyline and then two (or however many) choices listed at the end, you have embedded the choices within the narrative. This makes it more surprising, I think. I never quite knew where the story would go. Also the choice of a fridge as the character is kinda fun, I never thought about the secret life my appliances might have!

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