Hello Processing

Processing is a free and open source programming language created in 2001. It’s is a development environment, a set of tools, and an online community.
It was created to promoted software literacy within the visual arts but developed into a popular artist tool.
Download Processing here

Watch this introduction to Processing to get some basic elements and an overview of the environment.

Here you can find some more examples by various artists.

This Vimeo group is also a good resource to check out finished projects.

openprocessing contains plenty of examples with source code, mostly student’s work. It’s like Youtube for sketches you can upload your own sketches (they must work in javascript mode).

The material here is not comprehensive, you will need to use a variety of resources:

– The official reference to figure out how to use certain functions

– The official forum to see if your problem has been solved before (almost certainly yes). Please don’t ask for help unless you are doing advanced stuff.

– The examples within processing file > examples.

– Online textbooks like learning processing

– Language-agnostic communities like stack overflow

Note that googling Processing + your problem may not be the most effective way to find information because Processing is a very common word, especially in programming.

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