Glitch Reading Response

I never really stopped to consider what are digital aesthetics in their historical context. For example, with what we consider to be a typical midi music type of sound, or retro video game sounds, are based entirely in technical limitations of not only software limitations but the physical components of these machines that are fairly archaic by now. The same applies to the evolution of the physical components of the desktop computer, and the derivations of the mouse and keyboard, along with the inner components of the computer.

In regards to glitches, I can relate to the statement that a glitch can grant insight to how a program runs.  This often happens to me when I’m playing a video game and the textures fail, or, at least in the case of games on the Source engine, the giant red “ERROR” in the place of an object that was supposed to be in the game environment. Or when you do a series of actions slightly out of sequence from what the developers probably intended and it spawns multiples instances of an enemy.

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