i have no legs

it isn’t a twine, it’s a HOTLINE!

dial: 1(877)424-6161

4 thoughts on “i have no legs”

  1. Creepy as all hell.

    Having a voice there really emphasizes the one-sided-ness of the story telling. I felt really passive just hitting buttons while this sad, lonely robot contemplates his existence. I wanted to help?

    Finally, we are alone.

  2. I love that you didn’t go the normal route and completely did your own thing, in a way I didn’t even know was possible. The concept is really creepy and really cool, and feels very interactive since an actual voice is responding to your actions. Very cool

  3. I agree that the others that this had a really creepy feeling to it. The implementation was really surprising and effective. Just hearing a mechanical voice solidifies the idea that this disembodied voice is, well, disembodied.

  4. This is really neat! What website did you use to make it?

    And agreed that the mechanical voice made it a really interesting experience. It definitely worked at putting some distance between you and the speaker, though I did get a little confused by what your choices were when they were a bit more abstract and the voice didn’t read them with a sensible inflection.

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