4 thoughts on “A Social Media Twine”

  1. I love the concept! I am both frightened and amused at the statuses. I got unlucky enough to get a blank section, though. Maybe you could have been a bit more creative with either some custom HTML or some photoshopped images of the statuses you have up, to make it look more like the player is browsing the FaceBook website.

  2. this feels like how i use my facebook, logging in, logging out, checking one thing, noticing something until i find it and logging out without much though. I wish though, I have a chance to really use somebody else’s facebook and go crazy with it

  3. This condenses the best (worst?) of the facebook experience in a little twine game. Off the wall, yet strangely honest. Any improvements I could suggest would probably require a lot more time, such as figuring out how to emulate interacting with Facebook’s actual layout.

  4. I like how this makes me kind of realize how ridiculous so much of social media is when taken out of context. Scrolling through facebook some truly strange things can come up and hardly make me pause, but taken out of that setting, the real weirdness can be appreciated. Perhaps it would have felt more natural if there had been some scrolling element incorporated?

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