Game Idea: Flabman

Save a giant flabby, droopy, mass of a person from himself. A greatly exaggerated humanlike figure will fill the bottom half of the screen, just head and neck, rolls on rolls of fat drooping. Your job is to pop the ever growing pimples on the rolls, to save Flabman from having to wash his face. You control a hand with the index finger extended, and must continually pop pimples as more and more grow. If you miss a certain amount, the game is over, and Flabman cries. Drawings to come soon (forgot my sketchbook).

Game Idea: VomSplosion

A Galaga style shooter game in which the object is to shoot beer into the waiting mouths of college students until they explode into piles of vomit. The game will start out with freshman who explode with only one hit, then moving up to sophomores who take two to vomit, and so on. The enemies grow more frequent and difficult as the game goes on, and you can obtain different types of drinks (ships) to get more power.


Concentric as Hell

1) With the paper horizontal, close your eyes, and starting anywhere, drag the marker across the page with any motion you desire. However, do not allow the line you are making to intersect itself. You can move the marker around as much as you wish, making as many variations in the line as you want.

2) Open your eyes, and place the marker on a different part of the page. Then close them and repeat the instructions of the first step, forming a second line that does not intersect the first.

3) Open your eyes and connect the start and end points of both of your lines in any way you see fit, forming a closed shape.

4) On the inside of your new shape, concentrically trace any closed areas until you cannot fit anymore shapes inside the original one.

IMG_3768 IMG_3767 IMG_3766

Ideas for Twine

My first idea is to write a story from the perspective of an inanimate object that has come to posses a human consciousness, possibly through a freak accident. Say a coffee machine, and along with gaining sentience, it slowly gets the ability to manipulate it’s physical form. The story would most likely be an escape adventure.

My second idea is a humor/social experiment/writing focused game. It’s called “Hold it In”, and it is about trying not to fart in an elevator. However, you have to weigh many complicated options about how and when to release the fart. To further complicate what should be a fairly simple action, the two secondary characters are Marty, who you hate and who is a dick to everyone, and Jane, the accountant you’re secretly in love with (along with other lesser characters in the elevator). Both of these relationships come into play in determining how you accomplish your task without ruining your chances with Jane.

The Garden of Forking Paths

I found it interesting that the way Ts’ui Pen’s book is supposed to function, in that it is an explanation of time and the universe without ever actually mentioning what it is, mimics the way Borges paints his characters. While we hear multiple anecdotes and descriptions of Captain John Madden and Stephen Albert, there is no directness in how they are described, or how we are placed into the environment. To better explain, Hemingway would be the exact stylistic opposite to the author’s descriptive style. Hemingway is blunt, to the point, and directly descriptive in a simplistic yet beautiful way. The short story is incredibly well written and lavish, but uses a completely different style. While we are given an intimate look into the Yu Tsun’s mind, we really have no other detail about him. We do not know what he looks like (beyond being Asian), what his mannerisms are, etc. I found this to be a fresh new way of drawing a reader in. We do get a bit more information on other characters, seeing them through Yu Tsun’s eyes. But they feel more like consciousness’ instead of physical human beings. It almost seems more natural, as if you are truly just stuffed into the mind of another person you cannot hope to fully understand, and taken for a ride. On another note, I love that the way Stephen Albert describes Ts’ui Pen’s book is basically a simplified version of the parallel universe theory, something that I find intriguing.