idea for twine

so my idea for a choose your own adventure story isn’t really a story

it’s a sort of internal monologue. the reader sees and interacts with a web of thoughts and statements that gradually reveal the nature of the main character who is having these thoughts. over time, the reader reckons with this person who might be going crazy, or maybe is just normal? (it’s hard to tell sometimes whether you’re crazy or not)

gradually, the reader begins to fill the shoes of this mind and as time goes on, hopefully the reader and the writer become one…

slowly the distinction between self and other goes away and the reader begins to have the very thoughts they are exploring and then eventually they will get frustrated or bored and the adventure will be over because they will have closed the browser window


i may make this a hotline also since i have a few spare 800 numbers…

dream machines

what struck me reading this wasn’t just how telling it was of the (then) future, but how applicable it still is today–particularly the bit about education and the way schools operate….

particularly this diagram:

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.16.48 PM