Assignment: Interactive Story

Readings – due Thursday 28

Read at least one of these texts and write a personal response on the blog. I’m not looking for a summary or a review (I liked it etc.), it can be any coherent thought that runs in your mind after reading.

The garden forking paths – Jorge Luis Borges (1941)
Brainy. We talked about it in class, visionary literature.

CYOA – Christian Swinehart (200?)
Geeky. A formal analysis of Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Computer Lib / Dream Machines – Ted Nelson (1974)
Trippy. Possibly the most important text about personal computers ever written. Keep in mind it was 1974, no personal computers, no graphical interfaces, no Internet. You can skip the pages between 17 and 34 in the PDF, they are still a bit too crackpot.
(excerpt from New Media Reader)

Write a branching story with one or more of the following features:

  • Non-human (or better, non-animal) main character
  • Events out of chronological order
  • Multiple characters

PART I – due Monday September 1st

Post two ideas for this project.

Write the the first paragraph and (at least) a couple of examples of choices for each of the potential projects.

If you are planning to include visuals, produce (at east) one illustration/animation as example.

Start experimenting with Twine.

PART II – due Monday September 8th

Write (and illustrate) your story using Twine.

Post it in your personal web space and post a link in the blog.


Read at least 10 of your classmates work and post a comment on the blog with constructive criticism, impressions and suggestions.


Try to limit each block of text to one or two paragraphs

Don’t provide many choices, provide interesting choices

Don’t just think about the content, think about how it could be narrated:
self-aware / self referential?
fist, second, third person?
multiple endings?
multiple beginnings?
Do you control an avatar?
Does it have graphics? What’s the relation between graphics and text?

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