Assignment: alternative interface

Combine what you learned in Processing and Arduino and make a physical interface for an interactive application or an interactive application with “tangible” outputs. Wearables and installations are also valid options.

– Think about how these sensors can be integrated into an object (es. flex sensor to detect the opening of a box) and within a specific context (es. pressure sensor to detect somebody sitting in front of the screen).

– Think about a screen or sound output that is meaningful and related to the interaction. Abstract visuals are fine but go beyond randomish flickering shapes this time.

– Don’t think in terms of utility or practicality. Your object can be an intentionally awkward way to interact with a system if it gives the users some kind of insights on the nature of the interaction.

– Think about the way your object is presented, the story it could tell. Your work could be a prop for a performance like:

Due date:


Some examples:

Mary Flanagan’s Giant Joystick



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