Looking Outwards 2 – WT

ADMIRE: CacheFlowe and Rachel Murray – Triangulated Gem Projection Mapping

This video installation piece is really well executed, in my opinion. I admire this work because this is the kind of project I’d love to make. I think that digital art can create a captivating experience for the viewer when paired with the right electronic music. I want to create an experience like this.

SURPRISED: BassShapes – YellQuietly

This project surprised me by showing me the potential of audio-reactive visualizations. Before seeing this, or being in this class really, I had no idea that there were resources I could use to make this type of art. I’m really excited to see what I can make, given the time and resources.


DISAPPOINTED: “Je Pars” – Directed by Hugo Arcier

I think that the animation/digital manipulation in this video is very interesting and cool. However, I think that a good music video requires a little more substance than this one currently offers. It’s probably better if the special effects aren’t the only aspect backing the video, but used as an enhancement.

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