First Word, Last Word and the Gartner Hype Cycle

Both the GHC and FW/LW explain the same spectrum of how we view objects and innovations around us in terms of being accustomed to them and how much they pique our interests. They both provide us with a starting point of something new. FW/LW is a very undefined spectrum, with only two points of reference. GHC is more complex, providing us with what might be fluctuating between those two points.
GHC has an ending plateau, which is the equivalent of the Last word, where things continue to exist, but have been entirely resolved and suggest no need of further development. The First word, however, does not exactly equate to the technological trigger. The trigger is something seen through research or very early developments, sort of the taste of possibility. The First word is the first mark of something, by someone. It seems as though the First word would be accredited to a body, whereas the trigger is something more equated to a certain sphere of research. Schulze prefers to work in this Trough of Disillusionment because it is inexpensive, as the tools to develop are easily accessible. Things have been made in excess.

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