First Word Last Word CMU3

First Word, Last Word / GH Cycle

I think First Word, Last Word is a very different approach and view of the Gartner Hype Cycle theory/graph. FW/LW really implies art and innovation is what defines something as new and unexpected (the first word) or artistically generic (last word). However I don’t see how GH Cycle is related to art except in the ways that the ideas are designed or come up with. The GH Cycle defines specific technologies, both futuristic and current-gen, and how they are perceived by people in general. Are they useable? productive? a novelty?

I think that although the GH Cycle seems accurate and thought-out, its still an opinion, however the FW/LW theory seems more applicable and all-encompassing. An example to a technology that caught everyone by surprise and people didn’t know how to react it except to buy it  from when the apple store accidentally released 33 dollars.

I think Schulze prefers the Trough because it is filled with amazing, achievable technology and ideas that just weren’t put to the correct use, or advertised right, or just thought of correctly. By using and modifying and building off thrown away and “disillusioned” ideas and technologies, he aims to create a more innovative and “catch-on” technology with this set-aside, left over bit of ideas.

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