First Word Last Word

The GHC measures how people perceive the potential of technological enterprises during our present time in order to help facilitate which technologies are right to pay attention to during the current time. First Word Last Word art describes the relationship between art that is novel and never seen before (first) and art that had the last thing to say about a certain era/style/technique. I believe that he innovation trigger would be the fist word technologies while the latter half of the peak and the trough would contain the last word technologies.

The trough of disillusionment to me is like the island of lost toys. Accessible products that no one else is paying attention to. Schulze sees the potential in these works. He’s like a Last Word artist, he chooses the ideas that have been developed but have also possibly been executed wrongly. Like those that agree with the argument stated that First Word Art isn’t true art because no one can be the best at something when its a totally new idea Schulze would probably agree that the ideas that are overlooked after their initial popularity still have new, possibly better applications.



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