Instructional Drawings






1)   Draw a circle in the center of the page.

2)   Draw 3 circles, of different sizes, that are tangent to the old circle.

3)   Each new circle should then have a set of 3 more circles, of different sizes, drawn tangent to it.

4)   Draw a circle around the entire form.

5)    Repeat steps 2-4, adding one more circle to steps 2 and 3 for each new cycle, until page is full

img003 img005 img006 img004This assignment was also quite tricky because I tried to devise a set of 5 instructions that would create a random pattern.  And unlike the cycle example shown in class, I wanted to expand the form instead of constricting it.  My first few drafts of the instructions had people drawing circles encompassing other circles kind of like a cross section of onion layers.  Therefore, I had to sit down and thing about specific words that meant touching two circles without engulfing one another.  Finally I reached the conclusion of the word “tangent”.  from then on all the drawings started looking the way I intended then to look. I was surprised that some people interpreted tangent as putting the circle inside the first circle rather than outside. I think that in the future, I would add an instruction that would allow the drawer to fill in the empty space. that appeared in many of the drawings.


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