The GHC is a wave-like diagram that displays the popularity/trendingness of certain technologies that are being produced.  The FW/LW article discusses the idea that if the first piece of art that is produced in a newly discovered media/genera the true art or is the later/last work of art produced in that genera the real one?  These two concepts are related one is able to apply the theory of FW/LW to the GHC and ask why certain starting technologies are more or less popular than the other technologies that utilize the older technologies.  I find myself to personally be on the “innovation trigger” and the “Peak of inflated expectations” side of the GHC.  I am fascinated by 3D bioprinting because I believe that it will be able to help not only in surgery but also in any medical field. I believe he prefers that area because he likes the challenge of building a reputation for technologies stuck in that trough.

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