Visualizing Time

Obelisks and sun dials 1500 BC from ancient Egyptian and Babylonian astronomy
Hour glasses were used in churches to time the length of the sermon; long sermons were especially popular in the 17th century, and could easily stretch to three hours or more.
Water Clepsydra 1819

Modern-day water clocks



Human Clock

Human Calendar

Standard Time by Mark Formanek

A 24-hour long performance.

The Clock by Christian Marclay

A 24-hour film made up of six or seven thousand clips, each of which either says or displays the (actual) time of day or makes a cogent reference to time.


Time zones clock

Pong Clock

John Maeda’s 12 ‘o Clocks


Classic Polar Clock

John Maeda 12 o’clocks

Dot Clock

Pseudo-sand clock

2D Physics

Colour clock Hex to colors

Last Clock

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