innnnsnsntkjlrdrawing with instructions


pretend there is a grid over the entire page

the grid is not to actually be drawn

the cell sof ofthe grid are to be square at least 3/4 inches in length

you cant draw the grid its for your EYES not your HANDS !

repeat the following on every cell that appears completely w/in the paper!!!

  • select an edge of the cell. this is the starting edge
  • on starting edge, select a point to begin a line
  • if the starting point is on a corner the edges of that corner are both starting edges
  • extend line arbitrarily w/in cell. can be squiggly, wavy, straight, bendy whatever
  • line may only stop on an edge of the cell that is not a starting edge of the cell. corners occupy two edges.
  • the line may not cross over itself
  • the line may share the starting or end edges with other cell’s starting and ending edges but you can tlshare starting or ending points w other ending or starting points!!!
  • stop when all of these cells have a line

This is what it was supposed to look like



this is what it ended up looking like in the hands of others

img002 img003 img004 img005 img006 img007

that last one was claire’s. fuckin claire.

545563_10151264721487392_1151452589_n(^^^ fuckin claire)



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