Nivetha- Clock assign. Sketch

IDEA 1: a parody of Mine Sweeper- the graph will have about 80 squares 20 of which are bombs. The AI will play the game clicking 1 box every second. a bomb will go off every minute. The score will reset every hour.

IDEA 2: a parody of sheep counting. Every second, a sheep will jump over the fence.

  1. Every minute, a wolf in sheep skin will jump over the fence. Every hour, the wolf will eat a sheep. The program will keep count
  2. every sheep that’s jumped, every wolf in sheeps clothes thats been spotted, and every sheep that’s been
  3. eaten and this counter will be the actual clock.


  1. make grid
  2. set random array of numbers to set where bombs are
  3. if statements to check how many bombs next to a space
  4. mouse click junction to take square off an area in grid.

make three images for one sheep on AI- sheepRunning1; sheepRunning2; sheepJumping;

  1. call sheepRunning1 when variable count is even and call sheepRunning2 when count is odd
  2. a certain range of numbers (depending on rotation, distance, etc- figure out by trial) will be the jumping range. Call sheepJumping when count is this range)
  3. add +1 for each sheep that has jumped
  4. same for wolfInSheepsClothes
  5. every hour, have a sheep(during mid jump) be eaten by a random wolf(not in sheep clothes-draw new image for this).
  6.  use booleans to make if statements for sec; hours; and minutes)


Sketches for Idea 1:

This will look exactly like minesweeper. Lots of graphs and numbers.
<—- example of how minesweeper looks and the aesthetic I’m going for.


Stock photos/sketches for Ideas #2: I want to make the images vector based so they look like they were made on processing. The Vector shapes are also easier to manipulate.

sheep1 sheep2 sheep3

Like this sheep, each moving image will have about three rotations that change depending on the count

WolfInSheepThe wolf will look something like this.

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