For my arduino project I have been tasked with utilizing an IR light. This mechanism can be seen in common elevators.

1. My first proposal is to use the IR close to a sink. In class we learned that the machine reacts best to metals and whole objects; thus this work would utilize water, and human interaction. The IR would point into a flowing faucet. When somebody came and washed their hands they would interfere with the flow and provide a solid for the arduino. The computer would read this and activate a prerecorded speaker, heckling the user.

photo 1
2. This proposal relies on simple machines in addition to the IR sensor. In one of 2 ways I’d like to use a dildo to surprise someone entering a doorway. Placed in a bathroom or isolated area this gag would use IR sensors to trigger a prank similar to the old bucket above a doorway trick. When the person walked by the sensor, a machine would either trip a rope or using a chain propel the dildo at the startled individual. photo 2

Ideas for Interactive project

Proposal 1: self deprecation helmet

Performer wears a force resistor on their forehead in a public space. Performer hits their head against a wall repeatedly, every time the force resistor is hit a sign blinks a sentence: “I hate my life” or “winner” or “Have a great day” or “you suck”

Proposal 2: Elevator terrorism

Place force resistor over elevator button. Force resistor will be hooked up to a hair dryer. Stand in the elevator and film people’s reactions, will they push the button? Do not tell people what the button does.

Proposal 3: Can you resist? (Lol, force resistors.. get it?)

Two performers stand in a room with force resistors on the crotches of their underwear. When both performers are pressing their resistors simultaneously (or pressing each other’s), the lights will turn on revealing the identities of both performers.


Interactive Object Proposals

1.) A fight with futility: A machine with a switch that, once it is turned on, a series of processes start that work to switch the button back and turn the machine off.

Or, painfully loud static noise playing from headphones, and the only way to turn then volume down is by yelling louder.


2.) A simple “On / Off” button that, when you switch it on, the computer randomly generates either “You win” or “You lose”. The code is very long and written as if there are many calculations and steps going into determining whether or not “you win”. The button is decked out with lots of wires and gadgetry to make it look like a very high tech machine, when it is actually just a very simple button.