Assignment: Clock Part 1

Looking outward: Information Visualization
Find an example of interesting information visualization and post it / review it on the blog.

It doesn’t have to be related to time measurement but it should be an inspiration for your design

Creative applications – visualization

Clock proposal
Produce at least TWO mock ups for for a non-traditional time visualization / clock / calendar like the examples we saw in class. At least one of the two must be abstract.

* Design something that can be implemented in Processing – that will be the next step!

* You can use photoshop, illustrator, flash, after effects or even processing in static mode. I don’t recommend it but you may also use traditional media, just scan your drawings and add information about colors.

* Try to no use silly external images like cats, internet memes, Pokemons and stuff

* Upload it on the blog and add some text to describe the mechanics

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  1. jamieearnest

    Examples of non-traditional representations of time passing.
    Jamie Earnest

    this video depicts a non-traditional representation of time passing. In this, a clock made of one fold of paper is twisted to depict time using a clock motor.
    The way the paper is connected to the two hands, when in motion, creates a 3D sense of movement. The hour can be recognizable by normal clock hand positions.

    this video is another representation of time passing. As time passes, the digital clock is slowly destroyed.

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