Augmented Performances

Blendie by Kelly Dobson

Audio Activated Bra by Heidi Kumao

Animal Inspired Defensive Dress – Blowfish by Amisha Gadani

Masticator by Takehito Etani

Success is a Warm Mouse by Luke Loeffer

Sonic Banana by Eric Singer

Robodock by Stelarc

GYMCAM by Isla Hansen


My Little Piece of privacy by niklas roy

Blow Up by Scott Snibbe

A product is designed especially to be made in China. The object’s only function is to choreograph a dance performed by the labourers manufacturing it.

Avatar Machine by Mark Owens

The Image Fulgurator By Julius Von Bismark
image fu

Balance from Within by Jacob Tonski

A 170-year-old sofa which uses an internal robotic mechanism to balance precariously on one leg, continuously teetering, responding internally to external forces

Minaret by Michael Rakowitz
Michael Rakowitz

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