Max for real time video: Vizzie

To manipulate videos in real time we are going to use an advanced patching systems called Vizzie which is in turn built upon Jitter, the video module of Max (just so you know when people mention it).
Vizzie has a lot of building blocks that you can figure out only by playing around with them.

Open a new patcher and open the file browser. File>new file browser to drag an drop audio and video files from your library.

To add Vizzie object, right click and do something like this:

We are going to start with a simple patch:

Finding audio and video material
Find a video on youtube and download it through websites like
Same thing for soundfiles.
Or you can shoot and record your own (just don’t go too HD).

You can quickly trim video files in quicktime using Command+T.
You can use Adobe Audition to edit sound files.

Vizzie Intro Tutorials

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