Hello Processing

For the first part of this course we are going to use Processing and the website openprocessing.org to publish our sketches.
Let’s test the workflow:

1. Go to openprocessing and register, possibly using your real name or something similar so I know who you are.

2. Bookmark openprocessing.org and our class page.

3. If you are working on your own computer download the Processing Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from here. If you are in the lab, go to applications, find Processing, add it to your deck and launch it.

4. Write a simple “hello world” sketch like this one:

size(200, 200);
background(0, 0, 0);
fill(255, 255, 255);
text("Hello World!", width/2, height/2);

Feel free to modify it.

5. Save the sketch on your computer

6. To publish it on open processing log in, go to your personal page and click “create new sketch”

7. At this point you may see a random example. Just delete all the code and paste your program

8. Test it by clicking run

9. Give it a proper name (right panel) and save it

11. Go to our openprocessing class page and click “submit a sketch from your portfolio”

12. Click on “Click here to submit this sketch”

13. Drag and drop your “hello world” sketch to the “assignment 0: Hello World” collection. To drag and drop you have to click on the small icon the bottom right of your sketch’s thumbnail.

14. That’s it! your item will appear in the collection once I approve it.

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