Exercises: for, mouse, variables

This is the test assigned last year. Your test next week will be similar, probably a little harder. Let’s do the exercises together.

Exercise 1

Reproduce the drawing below using one for loop:

10 lines, 500×500 px canvas.

.Don’t start coding! Break down the problem on paper first
.Consider using a variable for the lines coordinates like startX, startY and endX, endY.
.Try to draw parallel lines first

Exercise 2

Reproduce the dynamic sketch below:

20 lines on each side, 500×500 px canvas.

Exercise 3

Reproduce the drawing below using nested for loops:

9×9 circles. 50px of distance between the centers, 500×500 px canvas.
The circles gradually fade to black.

. break down the problem in different sub-problems
. make a tiling of identical circles first
. implement a variable diameter and figure out a relation with the index variable
. do the same with the alpha channel

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