Assignment: Networked Object

Make an artifact that creates a meaningful relation between the Internet (Twitter) and the “physical” world.
It can be a tweeting sensor or an object that responds to the flows of information on Twitter. Or there can be a two way communication. Ideas are more important than technical complexity.

*The point is to connect the physical world with the digital world: Twitter to Processing or Processing to Twitter is not enough.

*If you are reading data from accounts that you are not controlling, first make sure that the whole system works and then try to run it with the actual data.

*Don’t think about Twitter as just a personal microblogging platform but as a scale model of the Internet, a model that is extremely easy to parse and analyze. Pretty much every institution, group or media has a Twitter account, the possibilities are endless.

*If you are not familiar with Twitter find out how #hashtags and @replies and mentions work.

*Recap of the interactions you can easily implement:
– Tweeting from Processing
– Looking for tweets from Processing by account name or basic parsing (somebody tweets a specific word).
– Read sensors and control actuators via Processing/Arduino
– Capture images from the webcam
– Post images on Flickr from processing
– Everything you already know about Processing
– External Processing libraries from the internet

Due dates
Ideas by Tuesday 27
Projects by Thursday 29

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