Assignment: Automaton

We know how to use actuators (servos and DC motor), now let’s try to actuate something interesting.

Using the Automino kit as a starting point, make an automaton / kinetic sculpture / mechanical thingy with the following characteristics:

– produces a complex and meaningful movement(s)
– employs at least one laser cut piece of your own devise
– integrates non-laser-cut elements. Tip: try non-rigid, non structural materials (jelly, feathers, balloons, beetles, leaves, taxidermy…)
– You can work in groups of two
– If you don’t have a kit just use other materials
– I recommend using only the servos (if you are working in groups you can control 4 of them!)
– If you think your project is too ambitious, then it’s probably too ambitious.
– I mean technically ambitious not conceptually ambitious, there’s no limit to the latter
– Favor original, poetic and beautiful projects rather than technically complex ones.
– Can machines be expressive? Can you make me forget there’s a buzzing servo behind it?

Don’t make it interactive or responsive to the environment, that’s the next assignment. Focus on the “actuation”.

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