Assignment: Alternative Interface

Make a processing sketch (screen based work) that employs a non-standard Arduino-powered interface.

– Think about how these sensors can be integrated into an object (es. flex sensor to detect the opening of a box) and within a specific context (es. pressure sensor to detect somebody sitting in front of the screen).

– Think about a screen or sound output that is meaningful and related to the interaction. Abstract visuals are fine but go beyond randomish flickering shapes this time.

– More is not necessarily better but consider using more than one sensor.

Advanced: make a simple game (single player or multiplayer) built around the interface. Don’t spend too much time making graphics please.

Document interaction and screen output with a video and post the link here. Phone cameras are fine but screen recordings may work better.
Quicktime for Mac can record what happens on the screen and can be used in combination with a webcam feed from photo booth.

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