Sarah Anderson Hallowino – My Precious

My Hallowino project was heavily influenced by J.R.R.¬†Tolkien¬†and in anticipation of the upcoming “Hobbit” movie. I crafted a little box that is a “cage” for Gollum, a creepy and dangerous creature from Tolkien’s famous series. I placed two red LEDs in his eyes and I placed a force sensing resistor on the inside of a ring that looks like “the one ring”, the famous and coveted ring of power, from the books. When you put on the ring (and flex your hand or make a fist), Gollum sees that you have his Precious and his eyes glow red with rage!!!

Photo of the arduino in action:


Video of the arduino in action:

[flickr video=8148283927 secret=4d33cc103f w=400 h=225]


Arduino circuit diagram:


Arduino code:


 //Sarah Anderson, seanders

const int sensorPin = 0;
const int ledPin = 9;
const int ledPin2 = 10;

int pressLevel, high = 900, low = 1300;

void setup()
  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(ledPin2, OUTPUT);  

void loop()
  pressLevel = analogRead(sensorPin); 
  analogWrite(ledPin, pressLevel);
  analogWrite(ledPin2, pressLevel);

void manualTune()
  pressLevel = map(pressLevel, 1000, 900, 0, 255);
  pressLevel = constrain(pressLevel, 0, 255);

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