Drawings – Stephanie

Drawing instructions:

Draw a large enclosed shape with curved lines .
Draw the biggest possible triangle inside the shape, with only the corners touching the sides.
Repeat until space inside the shape is filled:

  • Draw the biggest possible triangle inside the remaining space.
  • Do not draw triangles inside of existing triangles.
  • You may use the sides of existing triangles to form new triangles.

Repeat until all space inside triangles is filled:

  • Draw the biggest possible circle inside a triangle.
  • In the remaining space inside the same triangle, fill with the biggest possible circles.
  • Do this on at least one triangle, then repeat for as many as you see fit.




I am satisfied by the ways the drawings turned out, and I think it’s interesting how the quality of the drawing changed from person to person. The drawing starts out easy with just a closed, curved shape, then each successive step adds more and more complexity and takes longer to do. In the end, it’s the circles that end up dominating the work even though they are added last. I found by looking at the finished products that the quality of the circles and the number of triangles filled in could be used as a measurement of the patience and persistence of the person carrying out the drawing. The drawing on the left probably took the least time, and the ones in the middle and on the right probably took about the same amount of time.

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