Rosey Denton Final Project


For my final project, I initially decided that I wanted to do something with lasers and making some kind of nice looking light show. I bought a laser, some mylar, and a couple sheets of refraction grating. Unfortunately the grating was a little disappointing and only split the laser into a couple spread out beams. The mylar, however, had a really nice reflective quality to it that I wanted to experiment with. I made a few half-bubbles with sheets of mylar and some wire and first hooked one up to a motor to spin around. but something about that wasn’t really enough. I then took more of the bubbles I had made and strung them together with stretchable string. I tied it to a servo with an extended arm and it pulled the mylar in kind of a nice way. I then ended up attaching 3 half bubbles together to form a clam-like thing that subtly opens and closes which changes how the reflections look as the mylar is pushed and pulled. In general, I just like making things that look nice in some way or another. While I’m still not great as a crafter, I feel like with more and more practice I can give better life to more of my visual ideas and would really like to come back and work with mylar again sometime since it takes light so nicely.





Servo servo1;

void setup(){

void loop(){
 int position;
 for(position = 0; position < 180; position += 2){
 for(position = 180; position >= 0; position -= 1){

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