Assignment 10 – Rosey and Connie

Our project started as an idea to see how light could be altered by clear shapes moving around it. We wanted to have a series of gears that would turn and move around strings of clear shapes in interesting ways. One of the earlier problems we encountered was the positioning of the gears, which unfortunately made us reconsider the design and just put them along the top of the box instead of all over just so we knew they would work consistently. The next problem we had was simply being able to make at the gears turn with only one motor. Though we began developing a solution, it was brought to our attention that we would have probably needed another layer on top of our current one to hold everything in place and would need something stronger like a rubber band to rotate everything. Despite these mechanical issues, I do believe that we have made a satisfactory prototype of a light-based work especially when it is viewed in the dark. I am proud of the starburst effect that emits from the box due to the strands of clear shapes and I like that it almost looks like a water-reflected surface when the gears do rotate. Overall, I feel like while we had our share of construction issues while making this project, it was definitely not a waste and rather something that we learned a lot from with some level of success.

EMS documentation from Rosey Denton on Vimeo.

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