Minnar – Assignment 3 Drawing Instructions

I was mostly interested in exploring human memory with my drawing algorithm, and the I guess just the human limitations of recall and timing compared to a machine. I wanted to see the differences in the pace that people went (how many loops they drew in their curved line would indicate their self-determined pace), and if that would affect their ability to remember their path across the paper. I guess my instructions didn’t suggest enough of a slow execution since everyone I gave it to interpreted it as “connect the dots as quickly as possible so I don’t have to loop much.”


Tools: 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, pen or pencil

1. Choose a random number between 5 and 20

2. Draw your randomly selected number of dots scattered across the page, each dot must be at least 1-inch distance from the last dot you drew

3. Starting at any dot on the left, draw a curved line connecting your dot to any dot in the opposite direction to your current position (ie: first instance is any dot to the right of the leftmost dot). While proceeding from dot to dot, every two seconds your curved line must intersect itself. Repeat these steps until all dots have been connected.

4. Retrace your track across the page from the beginning and draw fish swimming next to your curved line, draw the fish facing the direction your curved line moved.

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