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Beer Keyboard combines Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Video of Beer Keyboard in Action

At the recent Webstock 2012 conference, Prague-based brewery Staropramen funded a Robofun Create project that produced a “Beer Keyboard”.  The keyboard consisted of 44 cans of Staropramen which served as the “keys”. Visitors of the conference could enter Staropramen’s contest to win a trip to Prague only by typing in their email address with the beer keyboard. The would gently pressed each beer can to input a letter. R0bofun placed capacitive controllers as the base of the board. These controllers worked with the Arduino to record user-input, which was then routed through a Raspberry Pi to the TV.

While I do not endorse alcohol consumption, this piece I found to be a very cool combination of the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and metal cans.

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Video Game Shields / Mods for Arduino

I am a big fan of video games and am interested in being a part of the video game industry in the future, so I scoured the interwebs for video game related Arduino creations. I figured instead of just showing you one video game related use of the Arduino, I would show you a few. The first two video game shields really caught my attention and I am tempting to purchase at least one of them. 


The Gameduino is a shield for your Arduino. It allows you to connect it to a VGA monitor and speakers. It makes your Arduino into an 8-bit game system. There are tons of preinstalled items like hundreds of sprites, smooth scrolling, multi-channel stereo sound. Cost: $53


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GAMBY (Games for Arduino, Made By You!) is a shield for your Arduino. It gives your Arduino a monochrome LCD, 4-way directional pad, buttons and speaker. Making your Arduino into the classic hand held game system. Cost: $25

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Touchscreen Version of Josh Freeman’s Crepuscular Life                         (aka a twist on Conway’s Game of Life): 

Made with an Arduino and Touchscreen OLED screen. I thought this piece was really interesting because we had just talked about Conway’s Game of Life in class and then I found this adaptation of it relating to what we were going to study next. I think this really nicely shows how things can come together. The fact that it is touch screen adds greatly to it.


Freeman’s Code @:

Breakout Game made with Arduino, OLED display & Joystick: 

A Breakout mod made using an Ardunio, OLED display and a joystick. Another interesting tie-in to what we have done in class recently. A Breakout recreation using Arduino. I thought this was a very well done game for the hardware limitations at hand.


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