Connie Dai: Assignment 3 – Direction Drawings

A. Draw a vertical line starting from the top side and ending at the bottom side of the page that bisects the point.

B. Draw a circle of about the size of your palm that is centered on the center point of the page.

  • In the left half of the circle draw a semi-circle with the flat side facing the bisecting vertical line.
  • Repeat this process with increasingly smaller semi-circles until no more will fit.

C. Halfway between the first circle and the bottom of the page draw a circle that is about half the size of the first circle (this circle should also be centered on the bisecting line).

  • Within this circle draw a slightly smaller one, centered around the same point as the first circle
  • Repeat this with ever smaller circles until no more circles can be fit within.


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  1. golan

    The second drawing is very lovely; it’s clear that this person has a very developed aesthetic sense, even when creating the “same” drawing as the other executors.

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