Assignment 3 – Looking Outwards : Connie

ofxMSAPhysics v2 from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

ofxMSAPhysics v2 is a physics engine that includes things such as springs, collisions and attractions, etc. I like how the creator was able to give personality to the different particles in the simulation by taking advantage of the background music and the different capabilities of the physics engine. I found the mood whiplash between majestic and ridiculous to be all good fun.

GENERATIVE ART WORKSHOP // GAFFTA | San Francisco MMXII from realitat on Vimeo.

Microsonic Landscapes is an algorithmic expression of music/sound that is then turned into a physical object. In the real world people can see the space or shape of sound. Even though it obviously exists and fills up space. It is really interesting to me to effectively “see” sound. The physical sculptures created are all very interesting as are their accompanying soundtrack but I would have liked to be able to see the interpretation of more organicĀ  sounds (the sounds in the video being very obviously digital). Such as say – would shape would the sound of a voice take?

Digital Rube Goldberg Processor from The Product on Vimeo.

Rube Goldberg Prozessor the electronic media equivalent of a rube goldberg machine. Rube goldberg machines have always been very interesting to me – seeing the domino effect between many elaborately set objects that more or less demonstrate Newton’s second law of motion. This piece however is almost frustrating in comparison because while each effect is demonstrated each screen – culminating in a photo to be uploaded onto flicker the very nature of the medium prevents you from seeing the whole picture. Sure electrical signals are being passed through wires but it cannot really be seen – things just seem to magically appear at the next step and because of that it almost feels like cheating.

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