Oliver – Design of a Drawing Process – Assignment 3

Here are the instructions for my drawing process:



1. 1 8.5×11 sheet of paper

2. pencil

3. computer


Note: erasing and redrawing is okay!

1. Fold the sheet of paper in half length-wise, making a drawing surface that is 4.25 inches high and 11 inches wide.

2. Draw three large boxes, like a comic strip. The boxes must all be the same height but must all be different widths. Try to fill up most of the page (keep the margins small).

3. In the first frame, draw a picture of a house. The house should resemble the house where you grew up, however, the front door must be a very large blank rectangle.

4. Within the large blank rectangle, draw another house. This house must also have a front door which is a large blank rectangle.

5. Continue to draw houses within the front doors of houses until they get too small and you run out of room to draw.

6. In the second frame, draw a quote bubble large enough to fit a sentence or two within the top half of the frame.

7. Also in the second frame, draw a picture of a radio, so that the words coming out of the radio will go in the quote bubble.

8. Think of the year that you were 12 years old. Go to this website on the computer: http://www.bobborst.com/popculture/songoftheyear/ and find that year. There will be a list of five songs. Pick the song that brings back the most memories.

9. Fill the quote bubble in frame two with lyrics from that song.

10. Draw several musical notes around the radio and the quote bubble.

10. In frame three, draw a picture of a memory that this particular song brings back. Be as detailed or as abstract as you wish.

11. Think of an appropriate title for your comic strip, and write it at the top of the page.

12. Sign your name in the bottom right corner.

Thank you for your time! You are finished with the drawing task.


Here are the three drawings:


I am very pleased with the results of my design of a drawing process. All of the drawings look similar, but they each have a distinct artistic quality unique to the person who drew the picture, which I was hoping for. I was glad that my three draw-ers were different ages, which means that the song lyrics come from different time periods. One thing that was surprising was the fact that all three people drew an old-fashioned looking radio in the second frame, even though I did not specify what the radio should look like. It seems that they each drew a radio as it would look in the year when they were 12 years old. The design of this drawing process made it impossible for the drawings to be identical, since each person has different memories associated with particular songs and years in their lives. Each drawing depends very much on the person who drew it.

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  1. golan

    Highly conceptual; I admire the choice to have people create a comic strip. I’m not sure how the recursive house-door relates (artistically, conceptually) to what seems like the main content of the comic strip (the song); it seems a little superfluous. Also, some information about the ages/demographics of your executors could have been helpful.

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