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More Looking Outwards

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Not too complicated, but that’s part of what I like. It gives an example of a simple interactive toy that I could probably build. It feels very accessible, and looks to provide a good deal of fun. I also appreciate the fact that it was done both in a seminar, and by a small group of people rather than an individual. I really enjoy working in groups, so I like seeing things produced by teams of people (in this case, people who were probably strangers before the workshop). Very simple, but still a cool toy!



Playing with your cat and a laser pointer has never been so needlessly complicated! But who cares? Look at the little fur friend! In any case, this project attaches the laser point to a rotating device, and uses a controller to move the laser pointer around using an arduino circuit. More complicated than it has to be to play with your cat? Probably. Simple and cool looking. Definitely. Again, I like this project due to its accessibility, and interactivity. These posts are showing that I have a fondness for duino toys.




Hahahaha, I’m terrible.

I really like arduino, but the coding aspects leave me baffled and perplexed! Just as I’m starting to get into it now, I’m running into many road blocks because:

a) I should have done this earlier


b) ACK! Code! -Cathy

This visual based arduino code for kids looks like a fun and easy simplification of the code, but still seems to offer a lot of layers for use (it also shows the real code to the side of the visual block style coding, so you can see what you’re putting together!).

This looks like a great idea, especially for people interested in building basic robots, but don’t know much about code! Yeah! It’s fwiend.


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