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CMU Electronic Media Studio II, Fall 2011, Section D » Looking Outwards #7

Looking Outwards #7

Looking Outwards — JILLIAN.GOODWYN @ 7:57 pm

Shoebox Mario


I was blown away by this project for two main reasons: One, this is awesome and looks super fun, and two, all the parts are things we’ve learned about so far in EMS II and we totally have the capability to make fun things like this (with a little help, of course). “Shoebox Mario” takes a famous and beloved old game and transforms it into something that is directly interactive and “real.” I really like that the creator opens it up in the second half of the video and explains how it works. I think that is a great way to simultaneously get your audience to understand your work while explaining its meaning and purpose. When you take the time to explain the magic behind something, it helps people appreciate it all the more and understand what it’s all about.


The Gameduino

I think this is a fantastic little piece of technology, and I’d love to purchase it someday once I learn more about the Arduino itself. The Gameduino is basically a shield for your Arduino that plugs into it and allows you generate 8-bit graphics, sounds, and gameplay. As seen in the Shoebox Mario game that I discussed above, the ability to rethink games in 8-bit form seems like a really great opportunity to realize new interpretations for old favorites. I would totally love to get my hands on a Gameduino and make some fun, interactive games utilizing the Arduino’s own capabilities.


Turn Signal Biking Jacket

I love this!!! I would definitely love to build myself one of these. The creator made what seems like a simple program using a Lilypad and blinking LEDs to make a hoodie that has turn signals on the back of it that blink when the wearer pushes the respective buttons, located on the sleeves of the hoodie. Something I would change is that I would hide the Lilypad somewhere on the inside of the hoodie, where it is safe from the elements and damage. Additionally, I’m not sure how well or how far away LEDs can be seen from far away by cars during the day, and I would like to test that further for safety. Otherwise, I think this is an awesome and useful invention, and I would love to have one when I go on long bike rides!


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