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Looking Outwards

Looking Outwards — HENRY.ARMERO @ 4:58 am

Hoo boy. I haven’t done looking outwardses in too long. Will have to catch up.

Mio I-zawa’s Mechanical Tumor

This work of art is (as you can see in the video, hopefully!) a weird mechanical tumorlike thing that grows larger when your computer is under stress. When there is a high cpu-usage, a fan turns on, pushing air into the balloonlike tumor. It’s really disgusting and a super neat idea, if you ask me. The difficulty of mixing organic structures with mechanical things and electronics is an interesting problem that will eventually have to be addressed more and more, as the world progresses through robotical technological stages. The contraption is really well made, too. There’s pinches and knots in the fake flesh and when it expands it doesn’t look just like a piece of plastic. I-zawa has succeeded in growing some fleshy thing on a machine.

External Heart

This is another work of I-zawa’s that I thought I would mention. It’s a mechanical heart that is controlled by a heart-rate monitor. It putts along with every beat! But while it is a neat idea, and very well constructed (it seems), there seems something missing to me. Like, I understand that with the mechanical tumor he was trying to demonstrate that your computer has a ‘disease’ when it is running out of cycles to use, but with the heart I’m just not sure what to think. It’s a cool concept, but, what. What is accomplished by having our hearts trail us like dogs on leashes? The artwork is good, but I’m not sure what to do with it. Something seems not right. I don’t know.


I really like this little gadget. It’s a mechanical eye attached onto a wooly sleeve, worn on ones arm. As you walk about the streets of tokyo, etc, it glances about, as eyes often do. But eventually it will spot someone in particular and focus on them, trailing them as you walk around. Then, if you get out your smartphone and take a picture with some program you can see a demon on their face which you can exorcise by waving your phone about. Hm. I really like the actual eye. Just as a weird accessory to have, it’s so cool! I would buy this way fast if it was reasonably priced and for sale and whatever. On the other hand though, I’m not sure what the app adds. I like that it has this whole message of It Sees Invisible Demons!! But it seems like a weird and tedious extra limb on this gorgeous model of a weird arm-sleeve. Soo. Yes. Super idea, but they did too much! Weird watchy eyeballs are good enough.


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