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CMU Electronic Media Studio II, Fall 2011, Section D » Looking Outward 4-1

Looking Outward 4-1

Looking Outwards — SAMANTHA.OLESON @ 10:28 pm

Ed Rogers lives next to active train tracks, which leads to a lot of noise in his bedroom when a train passes and the windows are open. Like any good maker, Ed solved his problem with a homebrew automatic window closer. He attached a pair of linear actuators to the windows with 3D printed brackets. These actuators are controlled by an Arduino with an H bridge and can be activated by a button on his nightstand. Not only that, but the project also integrates a motion detection system to close the windows automatically when a train is passing. I really love the idea of this project.  I never though to use something like the Arduino in such a practical way.  I always look at the Arduino as this foreign and somewhat scary device that requires skills beyond my ability to use.  However, this project takes this seemingly complex device and makes it more familiar and user friendly.  it functions in such a helpful and “non-complex” way that makes me comfortable with its many uses.


Go HERE to see the video.


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