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CMU Electronic Media Studio II, Fall 2011, Section D » Looking Outwards #4

Looking Outwards #4

Looking Outwards — JILLIAN.GOODWYN @ 9:49 pm

Santa doll mummy hack

This one made me chuckle. I’ve never liked those creepy robotic singing santas that show up around Christmas time, and I’m happy that someone put some time and effort into dismantling one of them, messing up their sound, and converting it into a mummy. I think a babbling, bloody-bandaged mummy is a million time cooler than a creepy santa. I also think it’s fantastic that the person used Arduino to accomplish this task, and I’d like to do some experiments with sounds and toys if I ever get good enough for it.


Talking skeleton

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I would love to be able to make things like this. I like how the two creators talk about how they made the skeleton, and they even provide instructions in case the reader wants to build their own. This project reminds me of the automated ghosts and goblins you can buy to decorate your home around Halloween time, but being able to make your own would be much cooler and way more fulfilling. Being able to program things like this would also open up a lot of opportunities for some really neat ideas for haunted houses to use. The more creativity and flexibility with electronics and robots, the better the haunted house could be.

Gimme robot

I thought this was such a funny and clever idea. This little robot finds a person to focus on and then shakes the donation box at the person until they give a donation. Then it finds another person to fixate on. I really like the idea and execution of this project, and I think it actually touches on a bit of psychology too because the robot induces the feeling of a conscience and morality. I have a feeling that more donations are generally made when people feel they are being watched or monitored. I just wish they had robots like this to collect taxes, and then we’d all be a little better off. =P


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