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CMU Electronic Media Studio II, Fall 2011, Section D » Looking Outward 3

Looking Outward 3

Looking Outwards — CHRISTINA.CONWAY @ 12:57 pm



Chi-TEK Artists Teapots


This is a collection of electronic pieces in the form of teapots. Some

work with light, some video, and some sound. One that I find particularly

interesting is a teapots programmed to spin and use its sensor to detect

if anyone if in front of it and then spray water at them.These pots are

all made by female artists in order to sell women being successful in

areas of art and technology. I’m not sure how well the theme comes across,

but some of the teapots are pretty cool.




This is nothing too impressive or elegant, but it does show that one could

use Arduino to animate soft sculpture. I also noticed this video because

the arduino used looks very similar to the items that we are using in

class. Someone may want to take this person’s idea and apply it to an army

of squirrels or program something to walk.





Maker Faire New York 2011


This is video footage of robotics that were at this year’s New York Maker

Faire. The video captures a good number of projects. It even mentions

arduino. Its really worth it to see what projects are being released

there. People seem to have thought of really amazing things to make. The

coolest part of this video though is the music played on tesla coils.



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