Homework and to-do, due Wed 9/7

Assignment 2 due 9/7 — EricSinger @ 5:51 pm


As promised, this post outlines homework due for the next class:

Please upload a photo of yourself (tagged with your name if your user id doesn’t make it obvious). This will help us remember who you are.

Go through Paolo’s tutorial, which you will find at . Doing the Mondrian is optional. However, the Assignment at the bottom is homework. Please create the face as described, post your work on OpenProcessing, and submit it on the blog, categorized as Assignment 2.

Read up through page 35 in Getting Started With Processing and try out the examples. You don’t need to post any results for this, but you’ll be expected to understand everything up to this point by next class as we continue to go further with Processing.

This week is the first Looking Outwards assignment. You’ll find it here. Please look over the items listed in this section. The part about blogging about 3 works is optional for this week, but feel free to do it. Starting with the next Looking Outwards, this will be required. Also feel free to add sites you think have interesting work on them.



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