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Looking Outwards 3

Looking Outwards — HANK.EHRENFRIED @ 2:29 am

Be Your Own Sourvenir is great project that answers the timeless question of “what do I get those relatives while on my vacation?” What better way to appease one’s own inner narcissist than getting those relatives a little statuette of yourself! This is one of those things that inspires participates to act in ways they wouldn’t normally act in the middle of a very public space. In the video you can see people squatting and posing dramatically so that they get the craziest souvenir of themselves possible. All of that public embarrassment for what appears to be a pretty small action figure.


The Musicovery blog is an idea that I’ll think about briefly on occasion so it was pretty cool to see that I’m not insane for thinking about this, let alone contemplating figuring out how to do something like this. I’m pretty sure I saw an episode of Law and Order SVU or something about this sort of thing. Thankfully, this blog is much more light hearted. I think that they were able to evaluate what people value by what music they can agree on is another dimension to the way I had always thought about this project. The chart they drew up to represent this data is pretty nice too.


 Jer Thorp’s SmartRockets is something I found last year after Thorp spoke during the artist lecture series. He gave an excellent lecture and decided to explore his website as a small thanks. I was pleasantly surprised by everything I found but I spent the most time on this program. I would just leave this open for hours to see it’s progress. Basically you set a target for the rockets and let them go. Each batch of rockets will get closer and closer to the target. They also leave faint trails so after several batches of rockets you can see the progress the rockets have made. Choose your settings, set the target, let it go and check back every once in a while and see their progress.


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