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CMU Electronic Media Studio II, Fall 2011, Section D » Looking Outward #2

Looking Outward #2

Looking Outwards — JILLIAN.GOODWYN @ 1:05 pm

The Canna Clock

I absolutely love this clock, and when I’m old and rich and frivolous with money, I will get this clock for my mansion… haha, yeah right, but I can dream. =)

Anyways, I really like how water is used to represent the passage of time with this clock. This clock definitely reminds me of the fact that time is always flowing, much like water.

If I could add anything to this piece, I would really really really love to have some little fish swimming around in the water. I dunno what the poor little creatures would do at 1:00 when the water level is at its lowest, but I’m sure we could figure something out. I mean, the water has to be kept somewhere, right? =P

Delusion – an interactive light installation

The absurd prompt image to tell the user when to speak made me chuckle. It looks like a dude puking to me, BUT ANYWAYS that’s not the point. Take a look at the video, the installation is pretty awesome.

I’m a sucker for anything interactive, and anything that wants you to yell at it during any point of the presentation is even more wonderful to me. I really enjoy that the installation is like an interactive light show – it’s almost like something you’d see at Disney or something of that caliber. I’d definitely like to get into forms of art like this that involve the user and present them with something pretty to look see at the same time.

Clock Parasol

I think this is a great example of a wonderfully fantastic idea with a really poor implementation. I mean, the designer Kota Nezu obviously has some serious creativity – the umbrella is visually appealing, has a great conceptual mapping, and the actual item seems simple to figure out and use…

HOWEVER, one individual summed up the main issues of the design much more gracefully than I could:

“…we use umbrellas in the rain when there is no sun…”

And there ya go. I still give Nezu props for awesome ideas, though. =P


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