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pic of Lazae (aka: AeonX)

Student photos — AeonX @ 11:46 pm

This is a picture of Christina Conway

Student photos — CHRISTINA.CONWAY @ 6:14 pm

This is me!

Student photos — JOLYN.SANDFORD @ 12:05 am

this is me.

Jolyn Sandford

Shortly after I got my hair cut and tried to make a fauxhawk!

foto – jill goodwyn

Student photos — JILLIAN.GOODWYN @ 2:41 am

well this is sufficiently awkward.


Student photos — JOEL.SIMON @ 1:36 am

Joel Simon

Homework Pt. 1

Student photos — SAMANTHA.OLESON @ 11:47 pm


Sam Oleson

Hank Ehrenfried

Student photos — HANK.EHRENFRIED @ 7:10 pm

Hello all

Up there is my face.

Okie doke.

Hello. I am Henry.

Student intros,Student photos — Tags: — HENRY.ARMERO @ 12:41 pm

Hello. Um.
I am Henry Armero.

Here is my processing stuff. Play the food game!!

This is me.

Some interesting Facts:

  • I am male.
  • I haven’t chosen a favorite flower yet.
  • Nor have I named any of my objects. (Computer, hat-block, etc)
  • I like to listen to Com Truise and King Crimson and Justice and things like that.
  • Also Beirut and Flying Lotus. They are cool.
  • I am not good at facts
If you guys need any help, I’ve got your back.
Skype: universal.wonder.remains
Facebook: etc.
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